Certified Career Transition and Leadership Coach Serving Salt Lake City’s High-Performing Professionals

Welcome to the epicenter of career evolution, where drive meets professional fulfillment. You’re accomplished, sharp, and focused—it’s time for a career strategy that reflects your ambition.

I specialize in guiding high-performers through crucial career shifts. Whether your goal is to scale new heights in your existing career path, to find roles that truly recognize your skills with appropriate compensation and flexibility, or to venture into new industries, I am committed to navigating these transitions alongside you. In the thriving economic landscape of Salt Lake City, boasting an economy surpassing $130 billion, a wealth of opportunities awaits you.

Our collaborative endeavor rests on three pillars:


Knowing what distinguishing you is key. I’ll help you pinpoint your unique abilities and align them with the right role for you. We’ll construct a personal brand that resonates with Salt Lake City’s distinct business climate and map out your role transition strategy.


True progress requires tangible steps. Anticipate a customized strategy that translates thought into action. Through practical exercises—such as networking in specific industry groups, simulated interviews, and more—we’ll convert insights into concrete skills and actionable plans to move you forward.


Every journey needs a navigator. As your career coach, I am your ally, keeping you motivated and on course. I’ll be there to offer support, feedback, and reality checks to ensure you stay the path. We’ll set milestones and celebrate your achievements, maintaining a clear and attainable vision for your success.

Natalie Bybee

Who am I and why trust me with your career?

I’m Natalie Bybee, MBA, PCC, SPHR – Career Strategist and Leadership Coach

Having been immersed in the professional growth of leaders and potential leaders for many years, my journey began in the heart of Salt Lake City—a city with a work culture as unique as the surrounding landscape. As a senior Human Resources professional, I dedicated two decades to supporting leadership across a spectrum of companies, from budding entrepreneurial ventures to established corporate giants. In Salt Lake City, where the interplay of community values and business ambition creates a distinctive professional environment, I honed my skills in shaping organizational cultures and refining people processes, gaining invaluable insights into both the vibrant business climate and the complex frustrations that characterize today’s work cultures.

My evolution into leadership consulting and career strategy was a natural progression. Melding the wisdom garnered from my formative years in Salt Lake City’s unique business landscape with globally recognized ICF-accredited coaching techniques, I now empower mid to senior corporate leaders to navigate and thrive in their careers. I am dedicated to guiding high-achievers to discover or transition into roles that not only recognize their hard-earned success but also offer the profound fulfillment and rewards they rightfully deserve.

How I Serve Salt Lake City’s High-Performing Professionals:

– 20+ Years of HR Expertise: Leveraging deep systemic insights, I offer a career planning edge that goes beyond traditional coaching.

– Proprietary 4-Step Process: Refined through the success stories of 350+ professionals, this approach balances your psychological mindset with the practicalities needed to excel.

– Evidence-Based Assessments: Using tools like DISC and EQi, we’ll craft strategies that reflect your individuality.

– A Holistic Approach: I consider all life facets, aiming to present the best version of you in any scenario.

The Work

You are unique so a one-size-fits-all mindset doesn’t work. My strategy is bespoke, designed to shepherd you through your career progression.

Step 1: Pinpointing Your Ideal Role

We’ll unearth a role that complements your talents and ignites your ambition. By developing a customized career blueprint, you’ll navigate your path with assurance, avoiding random attempts or unsatisfactory roles.

Step 2: Sculpting Your Personal Narrative

We’ll forge your unique experiences into a powerful personal brand. Fine-tuning your narrative, we ensure your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letters stand out.

Step 3: Mastering Strategic Connections

Smart networking is crucial. You’ll master tactics to circumvent application obstacles and discover the covert job market. We’ll perfect your interviewing skills, pursue effective follow-ups, and gather a supportive advisory circle.

Step 4: Overcoming Personal Hurdles

Career changes are complex. We’ll tackle stress and internal obstacles, shedding light on your blind spots, to ensure a seamless transition.

We’ll also tackle tactical elements like acing interviews, negotiating salaries, crafting onboarding plans, and more.

The Advantage of a Career Strategist

Navigating a career transition alone is challenging, fraught with unexpected hurdles. With an experienced coach, your journey accelerates, bypassing detours and capitalizing on opportunities.

Our collaboration sharpens focus, sidestepping pitfalls, and aligning your pursuits with your unique skillset.

Your career should not only challenge but also celebrate your unique talents and reward your hard work. With ambition as your compass and a strategic ally by your side, you’re set to navigate the professional landscape with confidence and poise.

I welcome you to connect for an exploratory call to discuss your career ambitions and answer any questions.

Together, we’ll unlock the door to a career that’s not just a job but a reflection of your true potential, set in the inspiring backdrop of Salt Lake City.