Career Transition Coaching for the Dallas-Fort Worth High-Performers

Welcome to the hub of career transformation, where ambition meets achievement. You’re smart, efficient, and laser focused – it’s time your career strategy reflects that.

I specialize in guiding high-performers through significant career transitions. Whether you’re scaling the next peak of your current career path, searching for a role that acknowledges your hard-earned skills with appropriate compensation and flexibility, or venturing into an entirely new sector, I’m here to navigate these changes with you. Dallas-Fort Worth region, an economic powerhouse with a $700 billion economy, is recognized for being among the leaders in job growth nationally. Let’s harness this dynamic environment to fuel your career aspirations.

Our collaborative journey focuses:

Awareness: Uncover what sets you apart and gain clarity on your career aspirations while addressing obstacles that may impede your progress. Together, we’ll highlight your distinct skills, define your ideal role, and understand any hurdles in your path.

Action: Put thought into action with a strategy tailored to your career goals. Engage in practical exercises that challenge your norms and apply your unique insights, crafting skills that advance your professional journey.

Accountability: As your career coach, I’m your anchor and advocate. I’ll provide steadfast support and objective feedback to maintain your momentum and ensure you’re on track to meet your objectives.

Who am I and why should you trust me with your career?

Hi, I’m Natalie Bybee, MBA, PCC, SPHR.

I’ve worked with leaders and leaders-in-waiting for a long time –– my first career was a senior Human Resources professional, where I spent 20 years supporting leadership in both entrepreneurial and well-established environments. I loved helping organizations establish or reinvent their culture and people processes, and in doing so, gained a unique perspective on the business environment and the frustrations created in today’s work cultures.

Since that time, I’ve transitioned into leadership consulting and career strategy. I now combine my expertise and experience from the business world with ICF-accredited coaching to assist high-achieving mid to senior corporate leaders find or transition within careers that give them the fulfillment and rewards they’ve worked so hard to create.

Consider me more than your career coach; I’m your partner in this journey. With a steadfast commitment to your success, I’m here to guide you through every challenge and celebrate every victory.

Serving High-Performing Professionals in the Dallas- Fort Worth area

Deep HR Expertise: With insider knowledge of the systems, I bring an unrivaled depth of experience to your career planning process, setting me apart from the average career coach.

Proprietary 4-Step Process: Perfected with the experiences of 350+ professionals, this comprehensive process hones in on your psychological approach and practical abilities, essentials for thriving in a competitive job environment.

Thorough, Evidence-Based Assessments: Utilizing renowned assessments like DISC and EQi, we tailor our strategy to your individual needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth context.

The Holistic Method: I embrace a comprehensive perspective, ensuring every facet of your life is harmonized to present the very best version of yourself in all situations.


Crafting a tailor-made career journey is essential — no one-size-fits-all solutions here. We’ll construct a robust framework together to navigate your path forward:

Step 1: Pinpointing Your Ideal Role

We’ll dive deep to identify a role that not only matches your abilities but also fuels your professional aspirations. Crafting a personalized career blueprint will empower you with clarity and confidence, steering clear of random trials or a chain of unfulfilling jobs.

— Step 2: Sculpting Your Personal Narrative

Together, we’ll weave the strands of your unique story into a compelling personal brand. Enhancing your presence, both offline and online, we’ll refine your narrative and ensure your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letters shine.

— Step 3: Mastering Strategic Connections

Networking shouldn’t be haphazard. You’ll learn strategies to bypass common application pitfalls and tap into the less visible job market. We’ll also focus on perfecting your interview techniques, effective follow-ups, and assembling a powerhouse of advisors to champion your journey.

— Step 4: Overcoming Personal Hurdles

Transitioning careers can be as daunting as it is exciting. We’ll equip you with strategies to tackle stress and internal blockers head-on. By illuminating and navigating around your blind spots, we’ll lay the groundwork for a smooth and successful leap forward.

Beyond these steps, we’ll address a plethora of tactical aspects such as acing interviews, salary negotiations, crafting onboarding plans, and cultivating your professional network in Dallas-Fort Worth.

By the time we’re done, you’ll be crystal clear on your future direction, fortified with a personalized, proven strategy tailored specifically to your strengths and goals, along with the practical skills necessary for sustained action and success.

The Advantage of Partnering with a Career Strategist

Navigating career transitions can be challenging, filled with obstacles and setbacks. A career coach serves as an experienced guide, ensuring you stay on course, avoiding detours and missed chances. With expert advice and strategies, we’ll target the best opportunities, streamline your path, and align your career with your talents and goals. Your career should showcase and reward your unique abilities, and I’m here to help you do just that with confidence.

I invite you to contact me for a brief call to discuss how we can address your career aspirations and any questions you might have.