Certified Career Coach Serving Professionals in Atlanta 

You possess intelligence, efficiency, and exceptional focus, and your career trajectory should reflect that same intensity and precision.

As a coach specializing in career transitions for high-performers, I recognize that you’re seeking more than just a change – you’re aspiring for a true transformation. My role is to guide you toward positions that align not only with your career ambitions but also honor your hard-won skills and the work-life balance you’ve rightfully earned. In the bustling economic landscape of the Atlanta region, with its thriving $450 billion economy, opportunities are abundant. Let’s leverage this vibrant setting to catapult your career to new heights.

In our partnership, we pursue three objectives:

Clarity & Awareness: Together, we’ll forge a clear understanding of your career goals, intrinsic value, and the strategies that will navigate you to your desired destination.

Proactive Action: Our collaboration is dynamic, designed to test theories, acquire insights, and actively integrate learning. We’ll explore and refine your career aspirations through active, hands-on engagement.

Reliable Accountability: As your advocate, I offer consistent support to address challenges and spotlight opportunities, ensuring you reach your targeted career milestones.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Natalie Bybee, MBA, PCC, SPHR.

I’ve worked with leaders and leaders-in-waiting for a long time. My first career was a senior Human Resources professional, where I spent 20 years supporting leadership in both entrepreneurial and well-established environments. I loved helping organizations establish or reinvent their culture and people processes, and in doing so, gained a unique perspective on the business environment and the frustrations created in today’s work cultures.

Since that time, I’ve transitioned into leadership consulting and career strategy. I now combine my expertise and experience from the business world with ICF-accredited coaching to assist high-achieving mid to senior corporate leaders find or transition within careers that give them the fulfillment and rewards they’ve worked so hard to create.

Here’s how I empower Atlanta’s professionals:

– Deep HR Expertise: My extensive HR background offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of career progression.

– Tailored Career Mapping: Clarity is our mantra. Together, we’ll pinpoint what sets you apart and design the path that aligns with your ambitions.

– Proven 4-Step Framework: Having supported over 350 professionals, my process harmonizes your personal strengths with industry demands, ensuring your skillset is highlighted and your goals are met – from personal branding to negotiation tactics.

– Selective Assessment Tools: From DISC to EQi, we deploy only the tools that will benefit your unique journey.

– Whole-Person Approach: Acknowledging that personal life impacts professional success, we strategize to balance and enhance all aspects of your being.

The Details:

Step 1: Discover Your Ideal Role: We assess roles suited to your talents and chart a course for you to advance confidently.

Step 2: Crafting a Unique Value Proposition: We’ll refine your personal brand, perfect your online presence, and sharpen your professional narrative.

Step 3: Mastering the Art of Networking: By circumventing traditional job search methods, we’ll leverage Atlanta’s hidden job market and establish meaningful industry connections.

Step 4: Tackling Personal Obstacles: I’ll equip you with techniques to handle stress and overcome internal barriers, ensuring you navigate career transitions with grace.

Throughout our engagement, we’ll cover essential tactics tailored to your needs, such as mastering interviews, reference curation, salary negotiation, and network optimization.

By our partnership’s conclusion, you’ll have a crystal-clear vision of your next steps and a robust, personalized strategy that’s been rigorously tested in the Atlanta market. The skills you gain will enable you to execute your plan with precision and confidence.

Your Career Advantage: Partnering with a Career Strategist

Navigating career changes can be complex. As your career strategist, I’m here to guide you smoothly through these transitions. We’ll sidestep the obstacles and fast-track your journey to success, aligning your career with your talents and aspirations. You deserve a career that not only challenges you but also celebrates and compensates your unique strengths. Let’s embark on this journey with confidence and strategic precision.

You deserve more than a challenging job. You deserve a role that amplifies your unique skills and honors your dedication. A role where ambition and reward are in perfect alignment.

I invite you to connect for an exploratory conversation. Let’s tailor a strategic approach that propels you towards your envisioned success.