Play for Life

It feels like April Fools’ Day sneaks up on me every year! Typically around March 31st I realize what the next day is and I get a bit bummed as my mind goes blank for good practical joke ideas. 

The kind of jokes no one gets hurt or shamed by and is actually funny (nothing worse than telling a joke that no one gets… ok, there are worse things, but it’s still a bummer). Sure, the Internet could provide some decent ideas. 

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Are you Lucky?

Do you feel lucky? I do. Some days I catch myself walking down the street, a goofy smile on my face showing my complete gratitude because I feel like the luckiest girl alive! Ok, this doesn’t happen as often as I would like, because like most people, I’m busy and distracted and I don’t have time to just Be. Think. Relax. Appreciate. But don’t worry, this isn’t a letter on how to slow down and appreciate more (although that too is highly recommended). Nope, I have a story to share.

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Serious Gooey Self-Love

I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a fabulous excuse to let loved ones know how much they mean to me. Although I do this on a regular basis as well (not just on holidays), it’s fun to use the day to get a bit more extravagant with the cheesiness; it’s not merely a day for romantic love anymore!

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