Natalie Bybee

MBA, Certified Career Coach

My passion for mountaineering has taught me tremendous lessons in how to set and reach goals.

Equally important, it has helped me learn to deal with disappointment, whether caused by uncontrollable forces (such as changing weather), running up against current physical limits, or setting out on the wrong path — all of which build resilience.

I’m a mountain climber and I’ve never once reached the top of a mountain and thought, “Meh, that wasn’t worth it.” But that’s exactly what happened in my career.

I worked really hard for years, achieving ‘success’ in my career and climbing higher. But I was depleted. I was carrying extra baggage and was numb to it. I was working harder than necessary.

One thing we learn in mountain climbing is that having the right gear, and knowing what’s critical and what’s not, is essential. It’s the same in life.

I finally got clear on what tools work for me and learned to let go of the rest – now I’m loving my new life!

Are you carrying way too much and not sure what to let go?

I’ve been there – I can help. There is nothing worse than realizing you’ve climbed the wrong mountain or you’re too exhausted to enjoy being at the top.

Guess what?! It really doesn’t need to be this hard!

Together we’ll work through letting go of excess baggage, gaining perspective, and identifying the right tools. And we’ll make sure you’re all geared up for the high-altitude trail with no moments of freaky vertigo.

Shortcut this whole thing; get a mountain guide.

A little more about my first mountain (career)…

My first career was as a senior Human Resources professional. For 20 years I worked with leadership in both entrepreneurial and well-established environments to help those organizations establish or reinvent their culture and people processes. This experience has given me a unique perspective on understanding the business environment and the frustrations created in today’s work cultures.

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